Sony has added another product to its Xperia
Z series and this one is massive! It’s the Sony
Xperia Z Ultra, aptly named since it features a
large 6.4 inch screen, also it packs some very
impressive specs. We kept it side by side with
the GalaxyS4 and it looked like a small toy as
compared to this gigantic device!
The phone has pretty impressive high-end
specs. The phone boasts of a full Hd 1080p
6.4 inch display (Sony calls it Triluminos
display), a 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon
800 processor, an Exmor image sensor for the
8 MP rear camera and is equipped with NFC.
The phone is also IP58 certified – which simply
means it is water and dust proof. Inside the
box, we find the phone itself, a Sony branded
power brick, micro-USB cable, in-ear
earphones and a couple of extra earbuds.
Looking at the phone, the first thing that got
our attention was the slimness of the device.
The thickness is a mere 0.26 inch(slimmer
than the s4 which measures 0.31 inch). On the
top of the device, there’s a single speaker. On
the right, you’ll find a 3.5 mm headphone
jack, the sim card and micro-SD slots both
hidden under a flap, the power/unlock button,
unexpectedly the volume rocker and an
opening for the lanyard. The Bottom has the
other speaker and the microphone. On the
left, there’s the micro-USB port also hidden
under a flap and Sony’s proprietary dock
which can also be used for charging. On the
rear, there’s an 8 MP camera and it is entirely
covered with glossy black glass marked by
Sony and Xperia branding. Surprisingly, the
camera has no flash. We’re doubtful of the
quality of the pictures in low light conditions.
The front has a 2MP camera for video-calling
and all standard sensors with Sony branding.
The phone’s street price is expected to be
around Rs 41,000 – 42,000 in India but Don’t
be surprised if people stare at you while you’re
making a phone call with it coz it’s a huge
smartphone but Overall, the phone is sleek
and stylish.
The phone houses a non-removable 3500 mah
battery. It would be interesting to see how the
battery performs considering it has to power a
massive screen. We powered up the phone and
the screen looked good. The phone runs out of
the box the latest Android 4.2.2. There are no
physical capacitive keys. The three standard
Android keys are part of the display. The
phone has 16 GB of internal storage of which
around 10 GB is available for use. You can add
a micro-SD card to extend the storage (upto
64 GB).
The phone includes the mobile Bravia engine
found on Sony’s other high-end phones. Single
hand operation on the phone is difficult and
you have to use both your hands. The phone
comes preloaded with apps such as Bigflix,
Dropbox, Flipkart and some other third party
We quickly tested the camera. The photos
clicked fast, tap to focus worked fine. There
seemed to be some noise in indoor
photographs we clicked. We’ll be soon testing
the camera extensively. Stay tuned for it.
Benchmarks for Xperia Z Ultra
CPU-Z reports that the maximum clock
frequency of the processor is 2.15 GHz as
compared to 2.2 GHz mentioned on the box.
The lowest frequency it can go down to is 300
MHz. The phone has the latest powerful Adreno
330 GPU. The phone has 2GB of RAM. The full
HD display looks crisp. The viewing angles,
unlike Sony’s previous phones were good.
NenaMark reported a maximum of 60 FPS.
Testing with Quadrant, we were surprised. We
achieved the highest ever score till date of
18683 (CPU-64831, Memory-17672, I/O-7608,
2D graphics-1006,3D graphics-2298). We also
tested it with Antutu and again we got a very
good score of 29494 best till date. We also
ran Epic cidatel and got average FPS score of
59.8. These are absolutely great scores.
Lastly, we ran 3DMark benchmarks and the
phone managed to get scores of 12225 and
11828 for highest ice-storm and highest ice-
storm extreme respectively which is again one
of the highest we’ve seen.
So overall, this handset has managed to get the
highest benchmarking scores ever even beating
the Samsung Galaxy s4. But then, benchmarks
only tell half the story, actual experience in
games may differ. Soon, we’ll be doing a
gaming review of the phone putting it though
some high-end games and a more clear picture
will come put. Stay tuned to tech2buzz for it.