There are some rules and regulations in this site and everyone should strictly punishable by the law of offence.

So these are the rules you should follow:-
1. No one is eligilable to insert any ad.
2. In comment section do not use any bad language.
3. Everyone has equal rights to enter in this site.
4. No one can block this site.
5. No one will post me same email 2times in between 20 days.
6. After 20 days you can post me that same email if it is not answered.But no sms language
7. No one will write or use any bad language in his or her email.
8.Everyone is eligilable to comment or to follow tbe blog.
9. The posts which I will post will not be removed from any time.
10. We cannot guarantee that the information provided on this site is 100% correct, but it almost correct about 99.5%.

Dont worry after following this site rules you can still enjoy the site 🙂


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