The mathematics examination which was held by CBSE on 14th March 2016 was seems to be a really tough paper. Students came out of their examination centres with tears in their faces. Students were really depressed with the level of the question paper. Throughout the year students were practising NCERT books 📚 thoroughly .  But the level of question paper was beyond the scope of the book.  Students who solved Books like RD SHARMA and RS AGGARWAL seems to find the quetsion paper easy.

Is CBSE really playing with the future of the students?   Many students said that they were expecting above 90 with their preparation of maths but after seeing the question paper the expectation comes down to 40. Some students who solved around 40-50 mock test papers and sample papers went just blank seeing the question paper. Students were to struggle hard to solve the tricky questions from matrices and calculus. Even the 1 marks question tends to take a whole page to solve. Top scorers in some schools had to leave 15-20 marks of quetsions because of lack of time.

Many students believe that the marking scheme was not followed but personally I feel that the marking sceme was same but the questions were tricky and lengthy. Parents and students raise there voices by saying that if CBSE had to make such type of quetion papers then why would they follow NCERT books. Parents and students complains CBSE for retest or their should be leniently checking of the answer sheets.


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  1. Dear author,
    It’s a bit exaggerated when you say expectations fall from 90+ to 40-50 range.
    However, it’s true that all sample tests and mocks were fruitless.
    The question paper was good. However, if some questions were avoided, it’d have been better.
    The 1-mark questions were a bit lengthy compared to alloted marks.
    However, if some student could not do a certain question in first thought, then he’d have surely felt it difficult to finish paper.
    Time was such allotted that a single minute could not be spared to think separately.
    So, yes, there should be liberal checking.
    It was not a paper of average standard. But the board should know that this is harming the students only, as they’ll fall behind in JEE percentile.

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