So you have heard of the app freedom which cracks and give free in app purchases. But freedom is now considered as a warez in xda. But still people are downloading it to hack the games. So I have started this thread with a complete guide to know people about freedom and to help developers to protect their app of being hacked. ××This thread is not to be considered as a warez. FORUM MODERATORS ARE REQUESTED TO READ THE THREAD FULLY. This is just for helping the noob developers to protect their apps.××

Q1. What actually is Freedom?
A. Freedom is an app that is designed in such a way so that it can crack the in app purchase within an app for free.

Q2. What type of games can be cracked?
A. Offline and low security games can be cracked easily using freedom such as gunship battle, robo defense, Robo cap, etc.

Q3. What are the games that cannot be cracked?
A. Online or server sided games such as clash of clan, Castle clash, Hay day, etc.

Q4. Can apps be cracked from freedom?
A. No apps cannot be cracked but there are some premium quality apps which can be cracked by this. I am not going to tell the names of those apps as it will be a crime against xda.

Q5. How freedom works?
A. Now here comes the main question about how freedom works in android devices. Actually there are many loop holes in the development of a game which we call them as low security games. Freedom finds those loopholes and use to send a certain request of a fake free card. Now low security games are designed in such a way that when the payment successful message comes flash in the screen the game thought that the user had payed for the thing and game unlockes the thing that had been purchased . In other words games thought that no one can get to the payment to successful page of play store until and unless it was purchased thus low security games gets fooled in this way.

Q6. Why online games do not get hack?
A. Online games like clash of clan doesn’t follow the same process in which freedom is designed to work. Instead of that it follows the online server system. There is a server which tracks every data of every second. For example.
Gamelayer has 5 gems.
Server: Yes player has 5 gems.
Player hacked the game and make the gems to 10.
Game: Player has 10 gems.
Server:Nope player has 5 gems.
Game and server are out of sync.
Game stops and exits.
So this is an example and the best answer to the question.

Q7. Why apps are not hacked?
A. Apps like Evernote or Avg anti-virus only unlocks once the money is received to the developers bank account. The developer Check the received payment which takes around 24 hrs time and then when the developer finds that he has received his payment he sends a signal to the app which the app receives as a command and unlocks itself for the user to work.

Q8. Why play store shows error when freedom is turned on.?
A. When play detects that something is accessing their database or sometimes fake information then Google blocks the user by showing an error message.

Q9. Why the app is not in development?
A. Because the developer has stopped the development process because of lack of resources.

Q10. Is it good or better to use freedom app for Iap?
A. According to me I don’t find any reason to pay for game credits I mean just to build something you need to pay real money though it’s a fictional game. But for apps like anti virus and office it’s better to pay.

Hope that it has cleared all the DOUBTS in the mind and developers can use this information to protect THEIR Apps.