How to speed up GALAXY S DUOS (ROOT)

Now you have rooted your  S duos and installed CWM and now searching for how to boost the performance.
Note: I am not going to tell simple method like uninstalling apps and games, Factory reset etc. But instead of that my methods are for moderate users. Don’t worry you will find everything easier as all things has been explained.

Instead of uninstalling apps I am telling you to download some apps. Not all waste apps but apps that can booost your device.
Note: If you installed an antivirus than we recommend to uninstall it as antivirus are the the prime reasons for lags. If you want an antivirus than don’t use kaspersky, Avg, Avast etc as they have more features than what a antivirus should have and because of this the phone lags. Use trust go, dr antivirus, 360 mobile antivirus, or antiviruses that are low in size (Around 6-7mb).

Reasons for lagging.
★First you should know the main reasons for lagging.
★Lags in phone occurs when we don’t have sufficient ram available to the operation
★Lags occurs when Android doesn’t get available entropy to work.
★Lags iccurs when we have very low available internal memory.(Old saying)

Fix the problems
★To fix the above problems you need some apps.
★Use Ram expander to expand your available ram upto 4gb.
★Use seeder to increase the available entropy.Seeder is a best known app.
It definitely reduces lags in phone.
★Use clean master and give root permission.
★Flashing a custom rom always solves the problem but may be risky.
★Flash pmp xtreme purity to get boosted experience in S duos stock rom.
★If flashing a custom rom then we recommend flashing Pmp ultra or cosmic rom.

The above suggested methods will gradually reduce lag in your S Duos.

Happy booooooosting…….