How to install custom recovery without pc

Today I am going to talk about how you can install cwm or any custom recovery without pc.
I am not going to use mobile odin as it dont support all devices but if your device supports mobile odin then it would be better to use it.
Note:-Since this process is without pc you need to root your device. We also have an post to root your device without pc so check that out.
Note:-This process dont increase flash counter and dont give any yellow triangle.
First download your favourite recovery image. We would recommend cwm as it is best of all and is widely popular but you can download any recovery image like twrp or onix etc.
Now make sure that you have .img file of that recovery not .tar as .tar is used in odin.
If its .tar file extract it to get .img file.
Download FLASHIFY.
Open it and grant superuser permission.
Now select recovery image and browse for .img file in the sd card.
Press yup and wait be patient.
After some time when the process is completed you will be notified by two options:
1.Flash more
Press the second options to test the recovery.
After that you dont need to press anything the device automatically boot into recovery mode.

Enjoy recovering………………..