How to install clockwork mod recovery on any Samsung phone

I am googling all around to install clockwork mod recovery in my S duos without rooting and I have found a great way. I tested this on my phone and it works great. I am posting the same method in this post so that it can help you.

Remember installing clockwork with this process will not brick your phone and is completly safe if you follow instruction carefully and do whatever we say but it could void your warranty as it will increase the counter to 1 and can place a yellow triangle at the boot logo.

We are not responsible if you brick your phone in this process or when flashing different  roms. Dont flash roms for fun or that is not supported by your device it may cause to the death of your device.

·Download the listed files that are required for the process:
*Odin v1.85
*Recovery image
Now just google around for this files in the internet and if you want to download the complete pakage then click here 11 mb.
· Install the drivers for your galaxy.
·Power off your device as you have to go to downloading mode.
·After your phone has switched off, press Volume Down + Home + Power button simultaneously until the Samsung logo appears on your device.
A warning will appear on your device. ·Read it if you wish. Press Volume Up to continue to the downloading mode. You should see a screen with “Downloading” written on it alongwith some
other stuff.
· Connect your phone to the PC using USB cable. It should detect your device as you have installed the drivers in step 2.
·Extract the rooting kit you downloaded in step 1 and extract and open odin from there.
·ODIN should detect your device on any of the COM ports.
·You will be seeing various boxes: some checked, and some, obviously, unchecked. Tick or untick them so that:
*F. Reset Time is ticked.
*Auto Reboot is ticked.
*PDA is ticked.
**All other boxes should be unticked.
·Click on PDA under the Files (Download)section in ODIN and browse to recovery.tar file.
You will find this file in the extracted rooting kit.
·Remove the back cover from your device before you follow the next step. This is required as you will need to remove the battery with a perfect timing, after you complete the next step.
·Click on start. Let ODIN complete the
flashing process. Don’t interrupt the process.
·A green bar will tell you the progress of the operation. When the green box in Odin window shows “Pass”, your phone will start a reboot.
·It’s time for you to jump into action. ·When the phone reboots, a vibration will signify that the phone has shut down completely, and is
ready to boot up again. That’s what we’ve to prevent. Just as the phone vibrates, remove the battery. We prevented the phone to boot again as this would’ve triggered the install script to reinstall the stock recovery.(which we don’t want!) ·You can disconnect your phone from the pc now.
·Now if you want to root then follow the below steps.
·Copy to your phone’s external or internal sdcard. The file is present in the rooting kit.
·Power off your device and boot into
clockworkmod recovery by pressing Volume Up+ Volume Down + Home + Power button simultaneously till the Samsung logo appears
followed by the CWM screen.
·Your normal touch input won’t work here.
·Press Volume up to scroll up and Volume down to scroll down. Home button is used to select while power button will take you a step
·Scroll down to Backup & Restore and select backup. Let the backup process complete.
·This is what we called Nandroid backup.
·Make sure you have atleast 2 GB storage free in the external sdcard before performing the backup.
· Go to Install Zip from sdcard option and select “Choose zip from external sdcard” or “Choose zip from internal sdcard” depending on the choice you made in step 12.
·Finally select the cwm and browse through the long list of “No” to select
the only “Yes” option to install superuser to your device.
·Go have some celebrations as you have reaped the hard work you have done.
·Now enjoy superuser powers on your phone once you reboot it.