How to root any android phone without pc/computer

Today I will post how to root any android phone without using pc or laptop.
1. An non rooted android phone
2. A good internet connection ( It should be 2g/3g or wifi but the internet connection should be uninterupted.
Warnings:- Since this process is a 100% working process and has been tested in many phones but still if you are unlucky and brick your phone you cannot blame website or community.
If you brick your phone it should be repaired and I am posting how to unbrick android phone on my next post.

Step 1: First download an famous app known as Superuser from playstore or any store you own.
Note: Download only Superuser by chainsdd. Dont download Supersu or superuser elite they will not work.
Step 2: Open browser and search for an app called poot.apk In the result tap on the first result and download the app.
Note: The app can also be found in xda developers so go for it. The app icon is like a traffic sign( A yellow colour filled triangle with a men bending forward.
Step 3: Open poot and if you see it says “poot requires ministro services to be install” then tap yes ootherwise if you dont see this then restart the device.
Step 4: DOWNLOAD MINISTRO Services it should be around 569 kb.
Step 5: Again open poot and start download the libraries.(Around 10mb)
Note: Downloading of libraries should be uninterupted because it should brick your device so be careful. A 3g or wifi connection is recommended.
Step 5: If you now see two buttons one is poot and another is in built root check and a white log screen then everything is working fine. Tap on poot option and press superuser button and restart the phone quickly.
Congratulation you have now get a rooted phone. But dont get too much of excited as your phone can now be bricked at any moment automatically as mine happens. So now you should check my next post about what to do immediately after rooting. Here you can also know some great apps which requires root permissions but are extremely useful.