Today 7 Aug, 2013 LG released their latest
flagship phone – the G2. This is the successor
to the LG optimus G, but this time LG has
dropped the optimus branding and only called
it G2. LG has pushed the volume Rocker and
power key on the rear of the phone. LG says
these are the only physical keys on the phone
and it will change the way we interact with our
smartphones, the keys are placed where index
fingers are when we are holding our phones.
The phone has 13 MP camera with OIS, a 5.2
inch full HD 1080p IPS display powered by a
Snapgragon 800 quad core processor.
Overall the phone has improved on Design,
Display, Camera, Sound and user interface.
Following is the summary of the new features.
The position of volume rocker and power key
on the back of the phone which also take you
to the camera and quick memo
3000 mah high density battery minimising
dead spots
Double tap to wake up the phone
Anti-finger print sapphire glass for the camera
No keys on the sides of the phone, utilising
the whole space for display
Two touch sensors to minimise bezel size (0.1
Full HD 1080 IPS display improving on sub-
Graphics ram which enables less energy usage
upto 26 % and increasing usage time upto 10%
The first ever 13 MP camera with OIS (optical
image stabilisation) without adding any extra
High quality photos even when taking photos
in motion
24 bit 192 Khz, High quality sound as good as
in professional studios
User Interface
Answer Me enables you to answer calls without
touching by bringing your phone to your ear
Text Link launches the appropriate application
(such as calendar) when it receives a text by
scanning the content of the text
Quick Remote enables controlling of all your
appliances via the phone
Side Aside enables easy multi-taking
Guest mode (or child mode) restricts
permissions for users and launches seperate
homescreens for all users
Stay tuned for more information on the LG G2