A high quality note-taking and reminder app, is part calendar, part dictation tool
and part to-do list creator.
There’s a huge, resizable widget that provides
quick access to its features and lets you
dismiss completed tasks, with the mic option
pulling up a voice recorder to automatically
add tasks to your schedule without typing.
It’s free, although should you start a task with
the word “buy” a green shopping trolley
appears, tempting you to press it and buy
things from Amazon instead of trudging to the
22. gvSIG Mini Maps
gvSIG Mini Maps is an incredibly
comprehensive mapping tool which combines
major online maps including Google, Bing,
Open Street Map and more, which will win UK
fans for one huge reason alone – it supports
the official and recently open-sourced
Ordnance Survey data. This means you’re
never more than a post code search away
from seeing where you are in OS-level detail,
which offers much more in the way of
accurate local data than other map tools
23. Google Keep
Google Keep is the Android maker’s own
attempt at muscling in on the clipboard and
to-do list app, presenting a versatile
corkboard tool that lets users record audio
notes, capture photos, create checklists and
The star of the show is the resizable Home
screen widget, from which you can access all
the features and hit buttons to record clips
and take images. Google’s so proud of Keep
that it’s become canon – and comes pre-
loaded as part of Android 4.3’s app set.
24. Shareprice
Shareprice uses your login from financial site to offer live share price updates
on your Android phone. Watch your nest-egg
lose 50 per cent in value every three weeks
during the latest trans-global financial crisis,
It’s ideal for users with share values so low
they have to be checked in private, to ensure
their partner doesn’t see exactly how much
money has disappeared into some notional
financial black hole.
25. Skifta
Skifta is the first software tool to be granted
DLNA certification, meaning it turns your
Android phone into an official DLNA device.
This in turn means streaming all of your
household media to your phone, and beaming
your phone videos to your TV. Seems a little
buggy at the moment, but there are plenty of
updates arriving all the time. Requires Android
2.2 or higher.
26. Dropbox
The Android version of the insanely popular
stuff-syncing app has arrived, and while
Dropbox is a little lacking in the sort of fancy
auto-syncing options many were hoping for, it
still works as expected. Files have to be
specifically downloaded to your phone to be
edited or shared, which is not quite the
automated dream offered by the desktop
tools, but it’s still Dropbox on Android. Six
months ago that was a distant, crazy fantasy.
27. London Tube Status
Reduce the misery of being told you’ve just
missed a train and it’s a 14-minute wait until
the next one with London Tube Status, which
combines travel status updates and live
departure times. It also includes a home
screen widget that shows your favourite (or at
least your most used) platform departures,
making it easy to check how much you’ve just
missed the next one by while tearing down the
28. Amazon UK
Amazon recently launched an official Android
app , replacing its reliance on a mobile web
store. The app’s very simple and fast to use,
and even includes full shopping cart features
with Amazon’s one-click system once you’ve
signed in with your usual account details.
29. Meebo IM
If you like to pass the time exchanging smiley
faces and abbreviations with your friends
through instant messaging apps, you ought to
get a copy of Meebo IM. It’s an instant
messaging aggregator, incorporating AIM,
MSN, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, good old
ICQ and more, serving everything up in one
convenient interface. Typing in all your logins
and passwords for everything is the only, very
temporary, inconvenience.
30. Beelicious
If you’re into the slightly last-generation social
networking site Delicious, you ought to get
yourself organised with one of the many third-
party Android apps out there that support the
bookmarking tool. Such as Beelicious , which,
once you’ve got through the slightly
cumbersome initial set-up process, lets you
simply send website links to your Delicious
account via the Android browser’s ‘Share Page’
sub menu.