1. Google Nexus 7
Manufactured by Asus to Google’s
specifications, the Nexus 7 ushers in a
new era of affordable, quality Android
Packing a Tegra 3 quad-core processor,
12 core GPU, 8GB and 16GB internal
storage and 7-inch 1280 x 800 screen,
the Nexus 7 certainly has the skills to
pay the bills, but at a highly attractive
price point.
Laughing in the face of its closest rival,
the Amazon Kindle Fire , it looks like
Google has got the budget end of the
tablet market all wrapped up. Until the
Kindle Fire 2 and iPad Mini come to the
fore, at least.
It’s now been shoved up in capacity
without a jump in price; this means you
can get 16GB of storage for £159 and
£199 for the full 32GB version – plus
we’re getting a 3G version too.
Quick verdict
A quad-core processor, beefy GPU and
the first device to run Android 4.1 Jelly
Bean , and now it’s already been
upgraded to Android 4.2 with raft of new
fancy features.
The Nexus 7 certainly packs a punch and
while it may not tread a lot of new
ground, the Nexus 7 is a solid performer
and easily the best tablet a couple of
hundred pounds can buy.
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2. Google Nexus 10
The 10.1 display is one of the biggest
talking points on the Google Nexus 10.
At 300 pixels per inch it’s the highest
resolution tablet display on the planet –
take that, Apple and your Retina
It’s a great performer too. Other than
taking a while to process panoramic
photos we never felt like it was
struggling to keep up. It’s fast and
smooth whatever you throw at it.
Sure it may not be as stunning to look
at, or as well built as an iPad, and the
lack of expandable memory will irk
some, but overall the Nexus 10 gives
you a quality, big-screen Android
experience which is not to be sniffed at.
On top of that, the tablet has already
been updated to Android 4.2.1, which
brings back the month of December in
some calendar apps (well done, Google)
and adds support for some security
issues too, showing this is the tablet to
buy if you want a larger screen that
Google won’t give up on.
Quick verdict
The Google Nexus 10 is easily one of the
best Android tablets on the market and
while it’s not quite as fantastic value for
money as the Nexus 7 , it certainly gives
Apple’s high-priced iPad 4 a run for its
money. For the price you’re paying, you
won’t be disappointed.
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3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 arrived on
the scene with the iPad mini firmly set
in its sights and while it gave a strong
showing the Android tablet, complete
with S Pen, didn’t manage to hit the
same heights as its Apple-made rival.
That’s not to say the Galaxy Note 8.0
isn’t a good tablet as it’s a light, highly
portable device and there’s no denying
that its display is far better than that of
the iPad Mini.
It’s solidly built, with expandable
memory – the S-Pen has clearly been
enhanced to make this a major selling
point, plus we love the IR blaster and its
media capabilities.
Quick verdict
The Galaxy Note 8.0 is a good device.
There are better out there for the
money, and with an arguably better
design as well.
However, for those that like the S Pen as
a tool, it’s a great offering, albeit not
really worth the extra cash for most.
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