5. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
What’s better than a tablet with a big
screen? A tablet with a big screen, a
quad core processor and the might of
the S Pen… known as a stylus to me and
Well, not just a stylus – with many levels
of pressure sensitivity and the ability
easily sketch and annotate on a wide
range of items, the Galaxy Note 10.1
offers so much more than your average
We’re huge fans of the alternative choice
here, and it even comes with a microSD
slot to boot. Android 4.1 is landing at
the moment, and comes with a Premium
Suite update, designed to make multi-
tasking and general use that much
Quick verdict
Sure, it’s a mite expensive, the screen
quality is lower than we’ve seen from
Samsung in the past and the build
quality somewhat lower than the
competition, but this is still a fabulous
tablet that many workers constantly
forced to use a paper and pen will love
to try out.
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6. Asus FonePad
It may be almost identical to the Nexus
7 when in comes to looks, but the
FonePad has a few trump cards including
a great price, microSD slot and 3G
connectivity which not only allows you
to get online but also send/receive
phone calls and text messages.
You’d be forgiven for wondering why the
FonePad isn’t sitting calmly above its
Google branded brother, but the Jelly
Bean interface isn’t quite as slick (it’s
packing a dual-core, not quad-core chip),
you can pick up a Wi-Fi only Nexus 7 for
less dosh and while the call function is
cool, it’s also a little impractical on a
device this size.
That said pair it up with a Bluetooth
headset and you might as well turf your
smartphone out, as the FonePad can do
pretty much everything.
Quick verdict
The Asus FonePad is a very accomplished
Android tablet and offers amazing value-
If you’re not planning on spending a
fortune, but still want a tablet with a
wide choice of apps and features then
you could do a lot worse than picking up
this one in particular.