8. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
In at number four is the Samsung Galaxy
Tab 8.9 – and it’s a funny little thing. It’s
essentially the same as its older brother,
the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 , but with
an 8.9-inch screen. It’s slightly thinner
and lighter, and consequently more
convenient for anyone wanting to stuff it
in a bag.
Apart from these physical attributes, the
internal components are basically the
same. So you get the same slick
performance and overall tablet
experience. We’ve put this above the
10.1 because of the increased
convenience owed to its slightly smaller
size, but that shouldn’t put you off going
for the 10.1 if you’re after a bigger
Quick verdict
It’s ideal for anyone who thinks 10.1
inches is just slightly too big for a tablet,
but also finds 7-inch options a tad too
small. A great screen, and premium
features across the board make it a
superb option.
However, we’re a bit disappointed that
Samsung doesn’t seem as bothered by
this device as other tablets in its stable,
as it’s only just getting Android 4.0 Ice
Cream Sandwich, when the next level of
Android is landing on other devices.